Terms and Conditions

Mayer Removals reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.

By ordering Mayer Removals service by telephone, e-mail, or it's website the Client agrees to be bound by Mayer Removals terms and conditions.

    1. Payment will be requested on completion on the day of the session unless previously agreed with office staff.
    2. Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, or with debit or credit card in person or over the phone.
    3. Client understands that any 'late payments' will be subject to additional charges.
    4. All payments must be maid in Great Britain Pounds.
    1. From time to time we may take photos and/or videos of our work to use for marketing and social media purposes. If you would like us not to please let a member of the team know.
    1. Client accepts and understands that poor service, breakage/damage or theft must be reported within 48 hours from the service date. Failure to do so will entitle customer to no refunds or recovery.
    2. Complaints are accepted in writing (letter or email). Complaints must be reported on completion or in the following 48 hours.
    3. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured or removed. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value, art and antiques.
    4. Key replacement/locksmith fees are paid only if keys are lost by our operatives. There is a £30 per household liability limit.
    5. In case of damage Mayer Removals will try to repair the item/s if it agrees that it caused the damage. If the item/s cannot be repaired Mayer Removals will rectify the problem through its insurance company by crediting the Client with the item/s if it is proven to be by our personnel.
    6. Mayer Removals reserves the right not to be responsible for: delay for a visit due to a traffic congestion, postponed service due to broken equipment, job not complete due to lack of hot water or power, third party entering or present at Client's premises obstructing the process, accidental damages worth up to £50 or less.
    1. Client understands that he/she is not entitled to any refunds.
    2. If the Client is not satisfied with the services provided and a complaint has been placed in the stated 48 hours after the job has been completed, Mayer Removals reserves the right to return an employee and deal with any areas and items to Client's satisfaction. Therefore the Client must allow the employee to be returned and he/she should be at present at all times during the re-visit.
    3. Mayer Removals reserves the right to return an employee not more than once.
    1. If you postpone or cancel this agreement, we will charge you according to how much notice is given. 'Working days' refer to the normal working week of Monday to Friday and excludes weekends and public holidays.
    2. More than 10 working days before the removal was due to start: No charge.
    3. Between 7 and 5 working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: 25% of the total agreed removal charge.
    4. 5 or less working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: 50% of the total agreed removal charge.
    5. Less than 48 hours of the agreed removal date: 75% of the total agreed removal charge.
    6. On the day the work start of at any time after the work commences: 100% of the total agreed removal charge.
    7. Any expenditure’s covered by Mayer Removals prior to the removal such as parking suspensions, ferry bookings, crate hire and machinery hire will be reclaimed by us on cancellation.
    8. If there is a long delay (for example waiting for keys) there would be a charge of £60+ VAT per hour. This is very unusual but can unfortunately occur.
    9. All cancellations must be made in writing.
    1. By entering into a service agreement with Mayer Removals, the Client agrees that after the termination of the service he/she will not hire or use any services provided by a present or past employee introduced to the Client by the company. If the Client wishes to hire or use services provided by such an employee then he/she must pay a referral fee of £600.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom law, and by agreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to pay any deposits?

A: We ask for a small deposit to secure the date and vehicle for you.

Q: What payment methods are available?

A: We accept cash, cheque or for a tiny charge we also accept card payments from all major cards.

Q: Are you fully insured?

A: Yes we are! Our insurance is a package covering the whole move. All our services also come with our fantastic guarantee. Any concerns with the work and we will gladly do our best set anything right.

Q: Does the price include boxes and packing?

A: For an extra fee we will happily provide all boxes and packing materials required. We can also help with packing or unpacking.

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